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We invite organizations to conduct corporate leisure and team-building competitions.


We offer different options:

Your company gives its employees certificates of rest in the "Panorama". Payment by cash or by bank transfer. Certificates are possible with the prepayment of certain types of services (for example, 1 hour of bowling game) or certificates for the amount (for example, 1000 rubles, which can be spent on bowling, billiards or kitchen / bar).
your company rents separate sections of "Panorama" or everything entirely and conducts its event.

The bowling club "Panorama" is suitable for large companies, simultaneously accommodating up to 300 people:

  • Capacity of section "Bowling" - 60 people (simultaneously playing)
  • The capacity of the section "Billiards" - approx. 40 people
  • Capacity of section "Bar" - 150-200 people (the hall can be transformed into a banquet, a buffet table or for various games: mafia, competitions, quizzes, etc.).

In the hall there is a powerful acoustics and a mixing console (with the possibility of connecting the radio microphones for the presenter), launching tracks from the laptop. The broadcast can be performed on 2 zones: the whole bowling club or only in the bowling section.


For corporate issues, please call: (8422) 266-525 (from 12.00 to 00.00 every day)




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